Saturday, March 24, 2012

the best android browsers of 2012

There are so many browsers available today and each one says they are the best out of the best. But I have used many browsers over the years and without ado,these are the best of 2012.

Google chrome
chrome is really popular on computers and i think one of the best out there.But altogether chrome is smooth and one of the best browsers up to date. my rating is 9/10

Opera Mobile Browser
Opera is a very bulky browser but very popular and the opera team did a very good job bringing the desktop features to android and the feature Opera Turbo. As a result you end up with less data being broadcast to your device.But opera can still be slow some times when opera turbo is enabled. rating 7/10

Boat Browser
Boat browser attempts to maximize the usage of your devices screen by placing the toolbar on top of web pages,but it dosent support flash player which is a small letdown.Boat browser also has a unique homepage where you can add 100 of your favorite web pages to it. So overall my ratting would be 9/10.


Overskreen  is very smart kit in a little package because it can render flash so that meant when your on twitter you can open a video and still go through your feed.Overskreen  also impresses me by having 'Request a desktop Version' and also can block pop ups,So my final rating would be 9/10

So who's the best
I would say it would be..... a tie! because chrome,Overskreen and boat browser has there ups and downs there all one of the best.

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