Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project glass

Last week, the Internet was all in a tizzy about the latest video out of Google, a concept titled Project Glass. It’s this headset that puts a single screen in front of your right eye and displays information about the environment you’re in. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to check out the video.
Some are saying that this idea is genius, while others are saying it's  a dumb move and a piece of vaporware. But it does open up a conversation, particularly in regards to the iPhone: What is the future of the device? 

Extending the Phone Concept

In the past 10 years, cell phones have come a long way. I can remember really wanting a Motorola Razor, and back then it didn’t have texting capabilities at all. Today’s iPhone has set the standard for the mobile phone market, and now almost every one is both “smart” and has a touchscreen,GPS and speaker phone built in.
But what’s next? There has to be a logical transition between the current generation iPhone and the next generation of smartphones. Is it smaller? More compact? Embedded in your body somehow? Project Glass is one idea, and to me, it’s kind of cool.

Project Glass as a Bluetooth Extension

At first, many thought that Project Glass was a device itself, and essentially a smartphone replacement. I never thought of it that way, and it turns out that I’m not the only one. Shawn B. wrote:
"Say Project Glass were a remote control for your phone. If so, you could surely configure it to only display certain types of incoming messages, and maybe even only from certain types of people / networks. In that type of scenario, Glass would be more like a very advanced, visual version of a Bluetooth headset"
That makes a lot of sense. Some have said that the next step in the smartphone evolutionary process is related to Bluetooth. Maybe your watch syncs with your iPhone and displays caller information when the phone rings. Or maybe you’ve got some kind of always connected headset that constantly relays information to you as needed. But the headset with eyepiece hasn’t really come up, because up until this video, it seemed much more like “that’s Star Trek tech” than anything realistic. Now, I’m not so sure.
But the reality is I saw this coming and this is still in the making and the question remains will any one buy this?


Stormwolf said...

You think this would actually become a real product? :o naturally people would buy it but the legal issues surrounding it are just gonna be piled on.. It would be virtually impossible to detect by onlookers while receiving information from a mobile device..

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