Sunday, April 22, 2012

Siri for Jailbreak

A new jailbreak tweak called AssistantServer Installer allows jailbreakers to configure a Siri experience like the one that is on the iPhone 4s .And it works pretty well.
The tweak works alongside Spire to provide a SiriServer certificate, utilising Google API in order to create the voice recognition service. There’s no fee involved and no icons are added to the Home screen.
The only catch is as mentioned the tweak works hand-in-hand with Spire, meaning your iPhone will need to be running a version of the iOS earlier than iOS 5.1.
Furthermore, in order to truly recreate the Siri experience using this tweak, numerous API keys.
However, it’s not all bad. . As mentioned, the tweak is available in the Cydia Store for $0.99.No source required. 

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